Who We Are

Adalberto Barbosa


Adalberto Barbosa is the founder and CEO  of Acthus Capital,  a private European investment firm focused on venture capital, private equity, real estate investments and mergers & acquisitions, established in 2007.

Adalberto a proven senior executive with broad international experience, strong background in strategy, analysis, and people leadership. Skilled in change management, mergers acquisitions, corporate restructuring, strategic advice and advanced experience in logistics and supply chain management. Adalberto is a graduate from Johnson Wales University (USA) with a double-major in Finance and Investments and Business Administration. 

Acthus Capital team consists of investment professionals with backgrounds in venture capital, private equity, real estate investments,  mergers & acquisitions, and is supported by a number of external senior advisors and operational partners.


Corporate Governance

Acthus Capital goal is to generate  investment results, for the benefit of the shareholders having regard to the stakeholders in the business. We concentrate on business areas in which we have technical and commercial knowledge.

We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and avoiding conflicts of interest in all aspects of our business. We are constantly updating, managing and reviewing our processes to ensure the needs of our partners and clients are met.

We recognize the social, environmental and economic impact on the people and resources we work with. We have assessed the impact of our business on the environment and have implemented practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day. We foster a trusting environment by leading with humility, honesty, integrity and empathy.

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