Acthus Real Estate Investments
Real Estate Investment:

Acthus Capital Real Estate invest in real estate, real estate development to improve diversification. These investments include both listed and unlisted real estate.

We invest in residential, office, retail properties, and in logistics properties. 

Our main focus is on projects with reduced price risk, stable cash flows and limited risk to the investment. 

We are happy to consider properties that deviate from our purchase criteria if there is particular potential for us to provide added value.

Target size of investment: €1 to10M in real estate

Acthus Real Estate

Acthus Real Estate

Real Estate Services

⦁ Investment Management
⦁ Asset Management
⦁ Development Management
⦁ Investment strategy
⦁ Transaction advisory

Property Type / Sector

⦁ Retail/ Commercial
⦁ Logistics and Industrial
⦁ Residential 
⦁ Student Housing

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